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Month: March 2018

My favorite online radio stations


Everyone said that radio was dying. But as a matter of fact, in recent years, it has flourished, against all odds. Granted, traditional radio devices are not as popular as they once were, but instead, stations moved online, where everyone can access them.

Now you can find thousands of radio stations from all over the world, and it can be hard to discover a quality one that plays popular music. That’s why I’ve decided to create this article, so I could bring some clarity into this haze of options and spread the word about some of my favorite stations.

I will try to keep things as diverse as possible because it’s nice to have some variety when it comes to music. The Top 100 type of radio can get bored pretty quickly, so in case you need a back-up, I have you covered. Just bookmark this article so you can access it whenever you need some inspiration.

The first radio station I want you to enjoy is Pitchfork Radio. If you want an alternative to streaming services, this is it. It plays hundreds of independent artists so you can always discover new styles and fresh tunes. If you know the online magazine with the same name, then you know what to expect. It also has many excellent shows on topics such as music, politics, and current events.

Another cool and young vibed stop is Soma FM. It is based in a warehouse in San Francisco, and it has somewhat of a different concept. Soma FM is funded by its listeners, meaning there are no ads. Additionally, it has varied programs, covering every style and taste from folk to experimental music. I really enjoy the fact that there are no annoying ads for things I don’t care about – something that is quite hard to find nowadays.

Next in line is KEXP. The station was born in Seattle, and it took over the Internet and become one of the most significant voices in the grunge music scene. The station usually plays alt-rock and indie music, and it has allowed me to get a taste of the coolest bands throughout the ages, not just from our modern times.

And the last station I want to introduce you to is Kiss FM. It’s a bit of a predictable one, but the truth is, when I need some ambient music, Kiss is my go-to. It’s fantastic if you want to stay up to date with the latest releases from famous artists such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, and many others.

I listen to it whenever I have to clean and when I want to fool around in my home, dancing like a dork, with a glass of red wine in my hand and a deodorant that acts as a microphone, in the other.

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Why a metronome is an essential tool for every drummer


No matter if you’re a professional or newbie music player, there are some devices that you’ll have to purchase to help you practice better. A metronome is such a device that provides plenty of benefits for all its users, regardless the instrument they’re playing or the amount of experience they have.

So, if you’re looking to find out more about metronomes for drummers and their main benefits, just read the following article.


Will help you practice more efficiently

One of the main benefits of a metronome is that it will help you easily learn new music and working on various sections. Keep in mind that playing any instrument doesn’t only need excellent music skills but also a good physical coordination.

With the help of a metronome, you will make your practices more efficiently as you can regulate the tempo according to your needs. I suggest you start with slow tempos and that you gradually increase them after you have learned the music piece a bit better.


Will help you improve your rhythm

Another great benefit of using a metronome is that it will help you work on your rhythm and improve it through practice. The main advantage of a metronome is that it will help you focus on a tempo and keep it throughout the song. Without it, you may find it hard if not impossible to maintain a steady tempo the first times you are playing a new music piece.

A metronome is a beginner’s best friend, at least until you will have more practice and improve your musical ear.


Will improve your listening

And, speaking of your musical ear, metronomes will mainly help you focus more on what’s happening around you and ultimately help you improve your listening capacities. It is extremely important to focus on the metronome tempo while you are playing your instrument and, in order to do that subconsciously, you’ll require improved listening capacities.

A metronome does just that as it will determine you to focus on additional sounds, not only to how you sound when you are performing.

After forcing your ear to always stay alert and pick up even the lowest sounds, you’ll not only end up with a more sensitive ear, but also improve your listening and develop your peripheral nervous system.


Keeping you awake

Most musicians practice daily in order to become good performers. However, sometimes, despite all the cups of coffee you drink and your most avid desire to stay away, tiredness kicks in and you can’t focus anymore.

In this case, using a metronome will help you create a certain routine for your brain and ear which will determine you to keep on practicing and stay focused due to the constant sound you’ll be hearing.



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