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Music To Listen To When Working


Creating the perfect atmosphere for work is not an easy task. Depending on how easily you get distracted, you may require a specific ambient to increase your productivity and give your best.

That being said, some prefer complete silence when working and even the slightest sound or voice can distract them. Others, on the contrary, manage to isolate themselves from the crowd and work in harsh conditions, no matter how noisy the environment.

For those who are looking for a new sound as well as for those who want to relax a moment while performing their daily tasks at work, we have gathered some of the best types of music you can listen to and described them below.

Classical Music

Aside from the creepy scenes in Hannibal where the main character used to cook human meat while listening to classical music, this type of music is the most popular choice when it comes to increasing one’s productivity at work. The lack of lyrics allows you to focus on your tasks without distracting your brain, while the smooth sounds of the piano, cello or violin help you relax.

Moreover, the so-called “Mozart Effect” remains a popular belief amongst people even though it has been highly contested. Placebo or not, many consider classical music to have a positive impact on the mental health and work productivity so you may want to give it a try next time you’re approaching a deadline or lack inspiration.


Video game soundtracks

Video game music is specifically created to enhance your gaming experience and help you stay focused on what matters. It rarely contains lyrics but is known to have an alert rhythm, at least when we’re talking about shooters or racing games. FIFA is another popular video game highly appraised for its choice of in-game soundtracks that help players remain alert.

On the other hand, if you need more calm to help you concentrate, you can pick up soundtracks from exploration games, life simulation games or construction games, including Age of Empires, Starcraft or Sims.


Nature sounds and music

Those who put their brains to work on a regular basis might not need the extra stimulation provided by fast or alert music. On the contrary, scientific studies have shown that people who work in research or IT-related fields often prefer more relaxing sounds and music to increase their productivity.

Listening to the calming sounds of nature can, in fact, enhance concentration and cognitive functions. Flowing water, rainfalls or the sound of leaves when the wind blows often have a positive impact on one’s concentration while bird calls and loud animal noises can provide the opposite effect.


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